BrandArena: Top 3 Start-ups revolutionizing Job search in Nigeria

Monday 27 July 2015

Top 3 Start-ups revolutionizing Job search in Nigeria

Thousands of Nigerians flock the internet on a daily basis in search of jobs as gaining employment has been quite chore. Despite the explosion of apps, websites and other tools for job applicants seeking to optimize their hunt for employment in Nigeria, many are still unable to use the technology available to its fullest potential and some of the job search portals do not give adequate assistance.

There are however some start-ups that are making real strides in combating this dilemma. If you are have your CV ready with a target industry or field in mind, and are looking for the best portal to organize your job search and make the process a whole lot easier — all for free,, Africa’s no. 1 online hotel booking site shares the details on the top 3 start-ups revolutionizing job search in Nigeria.
Opeyemi Awoyemi, Ayodeji Adewunmi and Olalekan Olude 
Jobberman is one of the simplest and most far-reaching job search engines for employment seekers in Nigeria. It was co-founded in 2009 by Opeyemi Awoyemi, Ayodeji Adewunmi and Olalekan Olude and claims to be the “Nigeria's No. 1 Jobs Website.”  

The site creates a marketplace where job seekers and employers can find one another quickly and cost-effectively. It sources jobs directly from companies and recruiting agencies and broadcasts them through their website, blog, email, partner websites and social networks.

Applicants search and apply for jobs by either visiting the website directly or through partner portals. The best part about Jobberman is it’s simply beautiful interface, which is appealing to users.

Njorku Nigeria
Njorku Nigeria works like Google, but focuses on helping people search and find job pages in Nigeria, was developed. It also uses a lot of social media, bloggers and YouTube to reach out to its target audience.

It is not a job portal but a job search platform. The portal searches for employment opportunities around the country and aggregates the results available in one place.

So, instead of visiting different job sites, you can merely log in to, outline your search criteria and be offered jobs that are available in your regions. It makes job search not only easy and free, but also less time consuming, although, there is a chance that the same jobs might be posted multiple times.
A relatively new startup that goes beyond just being a job hunt portal, PushCV is an online enterprise solution service and web-based platform that provides only the best - pre-screened and fully tested- candidates for top employers and recruitment agencies. It allows individuals submit CVs which are forwarded to employers based on skill set matching employers’ preferences.

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