BrandArena: Media Reach Explains Partnership with Google

Thursday 2 July 2015

Media Reach Explains Partnership with Google

The West and Central Africa’s number one independent media specialist, mediaReach OMD has given further insight into its partnership agreement with Google Global Services Nigeria Limited on brand marketing.

The agreement, which was consummated last Thursday at an event christened “Google Day” at the mediaReach office in Lagos, will see the two companies collaborate on survival strategies for different brands in the face of stiff competition not only in Nigeria but across the world.
Presenting - Juliet Ehimuan, Country Manager of  Google
MediaReach said the effort will also result in building more digital capabilities, both within the Agency and within the marketing team of clients, while focusing on new products demonstration like Google cards, Google Now, Cromecast, etc.

The Agency also explained that the partnership will take the relationship between the two companies to the next level on various Google products; and shall leverage for instance, on Youtube beyond advertising and creating content from the consumer context. It will equally stimulate “brand-connect in the area of Hygiene, Hub and Hero content which consumers would like to see coming from the brand.

Listening - Tolu Ogunkoya, MD & CEO of mediaReach OMD
In addition, the agreement will strengthen the role of Digital as the line between Offline and Online is blurring because of the ease at which consumers now travel within the Physical and Virtual world.

The objective of this effort, the Agency noted, is to strengthen the collaboration between the companies and harvest maximum benefits to their clients. Juliet Chiazor, the Country Manager of Google, said it is imperative for any organisation that will survive to develop a strategic marketing campaign that can stand out in the competitive market.

She noted that customers are faced with a minimum of 2,000 marketing messages streamed on different communication platforms every day. Chiazor therefore said for any player to excel, its communication must be appropriate and target the right audience.

Experiencing the Google Card Board, Augemented  Reality
She declared that television viewership is slowly declining as audiences are shifting online. Specifically, she stated that there is an increase of 60 percent of online video streaming that customers are faced with. “Brand building elements still entail awareness and emotional engagement just as the case with traditional marketing platforms”, she said. Based on this, she advised that video should be seen as an integral part of brand building and should be used more in brand communication.

Corroborating her view, Tolu Ogunkoya, the Chief Executive Officer of mediaReach OMD averred that there are still many players who are undecided about the relevance of digital brand marketing despite its importance in today’s marketing communication. His words: “It is high time we decided to take active steps in the interest of our corporations”.

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