BrandArena: Stay healthy during Ramadan with these 6 super foods

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Stay healthy during Ramadan with these 6 super foods

Getting through the month of Ramadan is hard enough- when you haven’t had food all day, you really don’t feel like watching what you eat or counting calories after sunset! However, as we have learnt, most people actually put on some weight during this time. To help you avoid this, has gathered tips for healthy food to eat before and after the fasting, which also keeps you full for a long time!
#1 Yogurt
This great source of vitamin B is perfect for a snack on the go. It naturally reduces hunger and is also known for its great effect on the gut flora. And with about 100 calories per serving (170 g) it is absolutely weight-friendly as well.

#2 Avocados
Avocados are rich in natural fats which are a core component of a healthy nutrition. Fun fact: they can also be used as a substitute of flour in baking. Plus: the yellow-green fruit is able to lower cholesterol levels which are the main reason for heart diseases if too high.

#3 Coconut water
Coconut water is best known for its miraculous effects on body, hair and skin. It also helps you to stay hydrated – drink a glass of coconut water with every meal and you will be surprised by its benefits. It also helps you lose weight the healthy way.  

  #4 Oatmeal
Oatmeal is very high in fibre and helps you control your weight by providing the most essential nutrients such as protein to make you ready for the day. One of the biggest advantages Oatmeal offers is that it can help you fight skin problems - the starchiness of oats helps the skin holding its moisture, while the rougher fibrous husk of the oat acts as a gentle exfoliant.

#5 Bananas
Bananas are very high in magnesium. If you do sports regularly, they can even help you reduce cramps. They are also easy to snack on the go and since they are high in (healthy) carbs they are the perfect food to keep you feeling saturated for a longer period of time. Snack-Tip: Spread some peanut butter on a toast bread and put banana pieces on the top – a delicious meal to start the day.

#6 Almonds
Almonds are a real power booster! They contain calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamins that keep you fit and are good for your heart. Studies have also proven that almonds are beneficial for weight loss and lowering blood pressure. One small handful a day might just keep the doctor away and make you feel full.

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