BrandArena: Fountain-3 Technologies Partners LASG To Promote Culture Consciousness Among Students

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Fountain-3 Technologies Partners LASG To Promote Culture Consciousness Among Students

Determined to embolden and sustain Nigeria’s cultural heritage and education, Fountain-3, a business planning, information communication technology company, has announced its strategic partnership with the Lagos State Government to raise culture consciousness among Nigerian students with Culturefest 2015.

The event will take place at the Main Hall of the Lagos State Council for Arts and Culture on Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, in September.

Being the maiden edition, guests will be thrilled by the Lagos Children and Youth, Arts and Cultural Education. Some notable ministries and agencies that have also thrown their weights behind event include the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Lagos State Council for Arts and Culture (LCAC), the Ministry of Education, and Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (LSUBEB) respectively.

Commenting on the motivation behind the Culturefest initiative,the Business Planning Manager, Fountain- 3 Technologies, Mr. Francis Martins disclosed that, ‘‘the project is conceived as our quota towards the goal of   protecting Nigeria’s culture through education, fun and practical display of skills. Fountain-3 Technologies is motivated by the belief that our local cultural heritage should not go into extinction but should rather evolve with the advent of globalization as a mixture, retaining salient values for posterity’’.

He added that the culturefest programme is a bold step to preserve Nigerian cultural heritage which the patriarchs handed to us. ‘‘Over 1,000 children selected from the educational districts in Lagos state will take part in the event. Activities will cover cultural competition and display of Nigeria’s rich multi-ethnic native attires by participating children’’.

Highlights of the event would include creative and performing arts as children will act series of drama sketches and playlets that depict their perspectives of Nigeria’s culture past, present and future.There will also be special ethnic songs, cultural dances, craft/arts exhibitions, display of paintings and the presentation of the specially designed and crafted “monuments” as special recognition prizes to the selected organizations who have distinctively distinguished themselves as “Cultural Education Role Models” in Lagos State in 2015.

“Our roots and heritage must be preserved from extinction, our younger generation also must be taught about her background, her culture, her heritage, to love her first language, to learn about our food, our distinct music, our most modest dressing and our ethical values”. He submitted.

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