BrandArena: Intel Restates Commitment to Local ICT Development

Friday 22 May 2015

Intel Restates Commitment to Local ICT Development

Intel Corporation is increasing its engagement with indigenous ICT manufacturers across West Africa as it seeks to deepen ICT penetration across the region, in line with its longstanding commitment to supporting the development of home grown technologies in Africa.

At the launch of the RLG Adulawo Technology City, a technology hub in Ilesha, Osun State, constructed by indigenous ICT and mobile phone manufacturer, RLG Communications, with technical assistance from Intel, the Country Manager for Intel Nigeria Olubunmi Ekundare, disclosed that partnership with innovative local manufacturers remains key to the organisation’s strategic focus.

“At Intel Nigeria, we believe that strengthening indigenous capacity is one of the most effective ways to promote ICTs and the develop Nigeria’s ICT sector”. Ekundare noted.

“Since our entry into the country, we have established relationships with telecoms operators to empower the rural areas with internet connectivity, forged links with local manufacturers and continued to partner with the government on policies that would support rapid growth in the sector” he added.

Elaborating on Intel’s partnership with RLG, the Enterprise Technology Specialist, Intel, Oluwatobi Shada, observed that the organisation has provided technical support to the local manufacturer to boost capacity development.

“Intel Nigeria has provided on-site training for RLG internal engineers and sales representatives, contributed to product roadmap building and also provided support for product showcases & demos.” Shada noted.

RLG Communications’ RLG Adulawo City is a public-private partnership between RLG Communications and the Osun State Government. It is envisaged that the facility would provide 10,000 direct and indirect jobs.

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