BrandArena: PayPal Develops Pill That Automatically Logs You Into Accounts

Tuesday 21 April 2015

PayPal Develops Pill That Automatically Logs You Into Accounts

This is quite interesting! PayPal is developing a new generation of edible passwords which stay lodged in your stomach to let you log in.

Jonathan Leblanc, the company’s top developer, said that the devices would be powered by stomach acid and include mini computers.

He said that technology had become so advanced that it allowed ‘true integration with the human body’.

The next wave of passwords will be edible, ingestible or injectable and will remove the need for what he called ‘antiquated’ ways of confirming your identity, such as fingerprint scanning.

Typing in a password will become a thing of the past too, he added.

Mr Leblanc, the Global Head of Developer Evangelism at PayPal, said in a presentation called ‘Kill All Passwords’ that he wants to ‘put users in charge of their own security’.

He said that passwords as they are now were not working and that users need to ‘harden it with something physical behind it’.

Edible capsules could check the person’s glucose levels or blood pressure before beaming out encrypted data, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Other possibilities include silicon chips which are put under the skin and ‘wearable computer tattoos’ which send information via a wireless connection.

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