BrandArena: 7 Ways to Use Twitter to Connect

Thursday 9 April 2015

7 Ways to Use Twitter to Connect

Twitter is one of the most useful and inventive ways to get people to care about your causes.  Whether it is for debates, creating giveaway or campaign buzz, promoting a brand, finding a job, or soliciting opinions – Twitter can is one of the ways to make this happen easily and seamlessly from every corner of the world.

Use Twitter to:

  • Connect with somebody new and fascinating: Reach out and talk to somebody new; gain knowledge in a new subject-area by reaching out to strangers and seeing what they have to say about something.  Beef up your street credit by getting into a conversation with a popular celebrity or topic advocate. 
  • Find a job: Looking for a job and need help?  Look no further than Twitter – job opportunities are posted on Twitter by small organizations and large corporations alike.  Sometimes these companies even ask you to come up with fun, new ways to apply for jobs or write justify your hiring through creative tweets or inventive campaigns. 
  • Catch up with old friends that you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while: Need to catch up with somebody you miss?  Send a tweet or a Direct Message to let them know you’re thinking of them.
  • Host a debate: Do you feel the urge to mediate something, or spark a debate about an interest or passion?  Whether you want to discuss make-up tips, election news, or philosophical happenings in the world, use Twitter to make your subject come alive. Bring your interesting subjects and viewpoints to your followers (and theirs) by announcing the date and time that you’re holding the debate. 
  • Promote your brand or products: For those that run a business, do you need help advertising a product or a brand?  Help your product garner some attention by promoting it through Twitter.  Tweet about your book signing to your followers, to Twitter influencers, celebrities and corporations. 
  • Crowd-source opinions: Do you need feedback on something?   Seek out experts and crowd-source opinions by connecting with fascinating people and get feedback from strangers and experts through Twitter.  Simply post the Tweet on your timeline, or Tweet at somebody by including a specific handle in your Tweet with your question and see what they have to say.  Sometimes the person you are tweeting at might retweet your post and get more opinions or information on subjects that matter to you.
  • Create some buzz with a campaign or a giveaway: Do you have a subject that you are passionate about?  Do you have a product that you want to launch or give away?  Get some interest going in the subject.  Create a unique or memorable hashtag and ensure all the participants in the campaign or debate use to, too – that way you can make sure that you keep track of everything taking place in the conversation. 

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