BrandArena: Viacom To Launch BET Africa On DSTV

Thursday 12 March 2015

Viacom To Launch BET Africa On DSTV

Viacom Africa is set to launch a brand new localised BET channel on the DStv Premium bouquet next month.

Designed to reflect, respect, and elevate the rich variety and positive values of African and African-American culture, BET will be VIACOM Africa’s second BET channel on the continent, expanding the network’s general entertainment offering for viewers between 20 and 49.

Going live April 2, 2015 at 5:20PM, BET will air exclusively on DStv channel 129. The channel will co-exist alongside sister channel BET2 (formerly known as BET), currently available on DStv channel 135 on the DStv platform and GOtv channel 23.

The new 24-hour channel will provide an uplifting blend of locally produced and international programming from a variety of genres, including drama, family-friendly sitcoms, stand-up comedy, documentaries, talk shows, awards specials, reality series, gospel music, and more.

Commented Alex Okosi, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Viacom International Media Networks Africa, “VIACOM Africa is delighted to announce the launch of this new BET channel - our tenth channel and multimedia entertainment brand in Africa.  BET will connect viewers with international trends, talent and thought leaders, whilst simultaneously celebrating Africa’s talent and creativity.  This evolution for the BET brand on the continent significantly broadens our general entertainment offering and provides a dynamic and compelling new destination for viewers.”

“The new BET channel on the DStv platform will not only enrich our Premium subscribers’ television viewing experience with more current, world-class entertainment but the channel’s inclusion of African productions is in line with MultiChoice’s commitment to showcase African talent,” said MultiChoice Africa CEO, Nico Meyer.

DStv Premium subscribers can look forward to the first local production on the channel, a brand new South African reality series, Top Actor, and new seasons of original drama Being Mary Jane starring Gabrielle Union, and Kevin Hart’s spoof reality hit Real Husbands of Hollywood. Another new face on the channel will be Martin Lawrence, entertaining viewers with his hilarious stand-up comedy series The 1stAmendment Stand-Up.


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