BrandArena: Five Tips to Target People with a Busy Lifestyle

Thursday 26 March 2015

Five Tips to Target People with a Busy Lifestyle

The highest value to many full-time workers, in order to be successful at their jobs, is time. Their success keeps them at work from sunrise to sundown. Other duties and responsibilities, such as looking for a new property, often suffer because of deadlines and targets to be reached.

In order to meet the needs of hard working people with a busy lifestyle, more businesses rise to help these customers, in order to not let them neglect their life outside from work. It not only involves: cleaning, shopping or delivery services but also bigger investment decisions, such as buying a house. has developed five unique ways for real estate agents to target those busy, hard-working people to help them find their ideal property.

Work outside office hours

Most real estate agents only offer their service from eight to seven. Normally, to inspect a potential property, you have to take a half day of or do it during your lunch break. But not everyone has the luxury to do so. Speak to these short-on-time customers and offer alternatives. Why not work once a week outside office hours. It will be appreciated by both your customers, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

Understand people’s needs

Customers always have a specific idea of what they want, consciously or not. Understanding your customer is the most important challenge no matter what kind of business you operate. It helps to speed up the process and saves time, which is something your target customers do not have. Investigate your potential customer, try to find out as much as you can about what is important for them. Do they want to be close to work? Do they want to have a serviced apartment? Or, is it important to them to have a close connection to the airport?

Keep it short and simple

A fact sheet will always be asked for from the client. However, there is no need for long, descriptive texts. Keep the sheet short, clear and easy to understand. Only include the most important facts about the property, some key figures and predictions of their potential investment. Make sure that you also include information about the area and how rents have evolved over time. The sheet should not be longer than one page. You can give further details if they are interested.

Be flexible with the location

Rather than holding your first meeting with a new client in the office, think outside the box. Try holding the first catch up in a nice restaurant or cafe. They will appreciate not being stuck in yet another meeting room. Instead of doing it at lunch, ask them to have dinner together, once they have finished work. Moreover, do not just talk about business but also have small talk to build a relationship.

Host a special event

A cocktail event with live music and a buffet in a picturesque property may not attract a buyer, but could build a good rapport with prospective clients. You can also invite other brands and cross-promote the event. For example, you could ask a high end jeweller or car dealership to display their goods at your event. This will help to build up your reputation and at the same time may provide an additional reason for potential clients to attend your event.

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