BrandArena: Dubai of Africa: Nigeria's Eko Atlantic Starts To Take Shape

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Dubai of Africa: Nigeria's Eko Atlantic Starts To Take Shape

Wide view of the Eko Atlantic City
Eko Atlantic City with residential and commercial tower blocks off the coast of Lagos in Victoria Island, is taking shape as developers forge ahead with infrastructure development.

Eko Atlantic is being built from scratch on reclaimed land offshore from the Atlantic Ocean, and is set to provide 250,000 homes and offices for 150,000 commuters.

As the new Eko Atlantic cityscape starts to take shape by day there is something new to see at night time now that a section of new road in the emerging city has been illuminated by streetlights. The first row of lights along Eko Boulevard, the paved 8-lane thoroughfare that is over one and a half miles long and is the spine of the Business District, will be extended in 2015 as the developers forge ahead with infrastructure development.

According to David Frame MD of South Energyx Nigeria Limited, the developers of the city - in a media brief early January, the city when completed would be self-sufficient in terms of power and energy supply. He adding that it would be powered by Independent Power Project (IPP).

A mobile app to showcase various investment opportunities awaiting investors as the development of the new city progresses was recently released for use on all new generation smart phone and tablets.
L-R Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal; Lagos State Governor, Gov. Fashola Raji, Nigeria President, Goodluck Jonathan,  former US President, Bill Clinton, and for Lagos State Governor, Asiwaji Bola Tinubu
Lagos and Eko Atlantic are expected to become the new financial epicentre of West Africa by the year 2020. By that time, Nigeria will be one of the world’s 20 largest economies. Eko Atlantic is the essential city for Lagos currently under construction off Bar Beach, Victoria Island.

Eko Atlantic city’s story started in 2003 when the Lagos State Government was in search of a permanent solution to protect Bar Beach in Victoria Island from the effects of severe coastal erosion, and to safeguard Victoria Island from the threat of flooding. Between 2003 and 2005 South Energyx Nigeria Limited, the developers and city planners of Eko Atlantic, engaged in a feasibility study with international experts to solve the problem once and for all. This chronology begins in 2005.

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Images credit: Eko Atlantic

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