BrandArena: BlackBerry Officially Unveils BlackBerry Leap

Tuesday 3 March 2015

BlackBerry Officially Unveils BlackBerry Leap

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Tuesday, BlackBerry unveiled a new mid-market smartphone on Tuesday dubbed the BlackBerry Leap that is set to replace the Z3 device launched a year ago.

TheBlackBerry Leap will be rolled out in April and is designed for "rising stars" in business, the company said.

The BlackBerry Leap is an all-touch smartphone in a modern and powerful design that is built for career builders and companies who value security and privacy when pushing their productivity to the next level. It includes a brilliant edge-to-edge five-inch HD display, BlackBerry’s latest operating system and more than a full day’s battery power, keeping users hyper connected, productive and always in control.

“In today's mobile world – influenced by trends like BYOD – where personal and corporate data are frequently under attack from hackers, companies and everyday consumers are finding out the hard way that mobile security is paramount,” said Ron Louks, President, Devices and Emerging Solutions. “BlackBerry Leap was built specifically for mobile professionals who see their smartphone device as a powerful and durable productivity tool that also safeguards sensitive communications at all times.”

“With BlackBerry Leap complementing the latest BlackBerry portfolio, including BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic, we continue to provide products and services that meet the needs of our consumer and enterprise customers,” Louks added.

The struggling Canadian smartphone maker is staking its future on becoming a giant in software.

Image credit: Blackberry

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