BrandArena: Blackberry launches $2000 smartphone

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Blackberry launches $2000 smartphone

Porsche Design launch another high-end luxury smartphone – the Porsche Design P’9983 Graphite smartphone from BlackBerry.

The P'9983 phone was first announced in September.

The newest model in Porsche and BlackBerry’s P’9983 line of high-end smartphones, the Graphite features exclusive graphite-metallic colored elements and hand-wrapped leather on the back door cover. The keyboard is an exclusive keypad with specially crafted glass-like keys, plus blackened glass and a graphite stainless steel color frame.

“The P’9983 Graphite from BlackBerry was built especially for those who strive for success every day. This professional tool will deliver superior productivity, ultimate security and privacy as well as effective communication and collaboration,” said Ron Louks, president of devices and emerging solutions at BlackBerry, in a statement.

The P'9983 has a teeny 3.1-inch screen. It has a classic QWERTY keyboard, so you're not going to get an iPhone 6 Plus-like screen size. Its 64 GB of storage is respectable, but the Passport has 50% more memory than the P'9983's 2 GB of RAM.

“The iconic styling of the new P’9983 Graphite from BlackBerry is technically inspired with longevity, integrity, and individuality at its core,” said Roland Heiler, chief design officer of the Porsche Design Group, in a statement. “And it will offer a new way to express individual style with the luxury of being one step ahead.”

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