BrandArena: Zuriel Oduwole Featured In 2 African Magazines - Y! Africa & Ethiopian Selamta

Thursday 14 August 2014

Zuriel Oduwole Featured In 2 African Magazines - Y! Africa & Ethiopian Selamta

Fresh off her highly successful 8 week #FollowTheBallForEducation project, it saw Zuriel take 2 Footballs to Brazil and 5 other countries, on 3 continents and signed by people from more than 24 nationalities, including football players, governors, government ministers, corporate CEO’s, a Nobel prize winner, first ladies, ambassadors and football fans. It brought a fresh awareness to the issue of girls education.
For the month of August, two African magazines have released their interviews and features of Zuriel of take advantage of the long summer reading, holidaying and socializing months to showcase her unique talents and continued remarkable accomplishments.

Selamta, the In-Flight magazine of Africa’s largest and most profitable carrier:- Ethiopian Airlines, featured her prominently on pages [58] and [59] of the current edition, under the title - Small Wonder’. It would be read by hundreds of thousands of travelers world wide in the summer months, till early September.
Here is a link to the feature:
Similarly, Y! Naija magazine, now expanded Africa wide and rebranded as Y! Africa re-launched its title on August 12th to coincide with International Youth Day. In a feature titled “Little Madam”, it features Zuriel, her family for the first time, and chronicles her incredible journey from age 9 and the impact she is having on Africa’s youth, especially the young girls and their parents.
The magazine is now distributed in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda and other markets on the continent, most of which Zuriel has launched her Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up program in.

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