BrandArena: We believe in Nigeria’s bright future – Olivier Thiry

Wednesday 9 July 2014

We believe in Nigeria’s bright future – Olivier Thiry

The Managing Director Of Promasidor Nigeria Limited, Mr. Olivier Thiry has stated that his company will continue to contribute to the development of Nigeria through the physical and mental nourishment of its future leaders.

Mr. Thiry spoke in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State during the prize presentation event of the 2014 Cowbell National Secondary Schools’ Mathematics Competition (NASSMAC) which took place at the Le Meridien Hotel and Golf Resort.

The Event
I would like to thank every stakeholder who contributed to the success of the 14th edition of the Cowbell National Secondary School Mathematics Prize Giving Ceremony. The event reaffirms the support of Promasidor Nigeria Limited for youth development and our commitment to host communities and the nation of Nigeria. Our coming together for the prize presentation was to honour and recognize our talented young students in Junior and Secondary Schools from all over the country who have done us proud. They have all done very well and I would like to encourage them to keep this up.

Why Nigeria must develop its human capital

As a business that is into quality nutrition and therefore nourishment of health and wellbeing of our community, we are very proud to be nourishing the dreams of our future leaders. The world faces numerous challenges in the 21st Century especially in this era of digital revolution and rapid globalisation. In light of this, it is important to note that Nigeria as a nation no longer competes with only its African sister nations but with all other nations across the world.

To remain competitive and relevant among the community of nations, Nigeria needs to develop and nurture its human capital to meet the challenges facing the process of nation-building. Transformational development will come from the quality of human capital Nigeria has and this can only be developed through education especially the learning of mathematics and science.
Promasidor believes in Nigeria

Promasidor believes in Nigeria and its bright future and will continue to invest not only in its business but also in the community that has supported and sustained it throughout the past 21 years. We have demonstrated this faith in the Nigerian society by investing millions of Naira in the conduct of the NASSMAC competition and we promise to sustain our support of mathematics as best as we can. Promasidor has led the nutrition revolution across Africa and through innovation, creativity and modern technology, developed quality brands such as Cowbell, Onga, Loya, Miksi, Top Tea just to mention a few.

Employment to young Nigerians
Our business has also offered employment to young Nigerians who with their knowledge skills and passion continue to drive the vision and growth of our business across the country. The value of human capital development can therefore not be over emphasised and this is the reason we have continued to support the study of mathematics in Nigeria. I would like to assure you that we will continue to support the academic development of the Nigerian youth. In this regard, I am happy and grateful to the National Mathematical Centre for their offer of sponsorship for the top 10 winners of this year’s competition who desire to continue to study mathematics at the university level. We have also made special effort to encourage our girls to increase their participation across the country.


I must admit this project has not been without challenges but our team and partners have always risen to the occasion to deal with them and have done so with remarkable success. I would therefore like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who was part of the organisation of this project.

I also will like to extend my gratitude to the Ministry of Education in all our states across Nigeria as well as the National Mathematical Centre who ensured that schools participated and in addition conducted the exams across the country. To our teachers who devoted their time and effort to teaching and preparing our students for the exams, I say a big thank you.

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