BrandArena: Google Trains Easy Taxi Drivers On The Use Of Google Maps

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Google Trains Easy Taxi Drivers On The Use Of Google Maps

Easy Taxi Nigeria decided to hold a more educative and informative forum during its monthly drivers meeting by inviting personnel from Google Nigeria to train the drivers on the use and importance of Google map and Global Positioning System GPS.

This forum was organized by Easy Taxi Nigeria in collaboration with Google in response to the high level of illiteracy amongst Lagos drivers on the use of maps and GPS. Easy Taxi recognizes that maps are a very important tool for navigation and there is a need for its drivers to benefit from the usefulness and the importance of GPS in terms of tracking, safety and practical use in terms of locating areas around Lagos.

During a slide show presentation on the correct way to search for a location in Lagos, Mr. Adepoju encouraged the drivers to embrace the use of Google map as it would not only allow them know the best and fastest route to their destination which will make getting to their clients easier but also the distance from their point to the clients location.

It was announced that Easy taxi drivers would be putting what they learnt during the forum into practice by joining Google to chart all areas of Lagos that are blank to eventually create a more accurate Google map of Lagos State.

Speaking on the forum, Mr. Okoya Cosmas, one of the Easy Taxi drivers said that since he joined Easy Taxi Nigeria over 8 months ago, he has improved the way he delivers services to his clients and that with what he had learnt during the lecture; he will be able to meet his client’s demands more readily.

The CEO of Easy Taxi Nigeria, Bankole Cardoso remarked on the forum stating that he is proud that Easy Taxi drivers can now compete with international drivers who are more informed on the use of Google map. Backing this was a statement from Easy Taxi, Community Manager, Miss Rita Achebe. Miss Rita said ‘with the training Easy Taxi Nigeria drivers have received today, they will be able to get to their clients faster and easier which will reduce our clients waiting time.aging.


  1. This is good. It show how Nigeria really developing rapidly as the giant of Africa. Missing home

  2. Adeolu Musa Akinwunmi11 June 2014 at 03:52

    Easy Taxi really improving. Just hope they maintain the standard of their service

  3. All drivers ought to be going thru periodical training really

  4. Sodiq Hammed Fisayo12 June 2014 at 09:17

    I think I agree with that. Considering the traffic and record of accident, road casualties in Lagos, truly training drive is a good idea.

  5. There is google map on my phone. Can someone please help me with info on how to use it pls?

  6. If you are using a Nokia Lumia phone and any other smartphone, just click on the app and it would track you. It would feed you on traffic as follows