BrandArena: Thomson Reuters Offers Enabling Platform to Unlock Africa’s Growth Potentials - CEO

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Thomson Reuters Offers Enabling Platform to Unlock Africa’s Growth Potentials - CEO

Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, has announced plans to offer enabling platforms for Africa to actualise its huge potentials.

The global corporation said as part of plans to consolidate its presence in Africa it is unveiling its newest fully automated foreign exchange trade technology and platform tagged TRFXT and an African strategy.

This bold step is aimed at enabling Africa actualise its immense economic potentials and bringing to bear on the continent the Thomson Reuters global heritage across 100 countries and many decades of providing customers with platforms and technologies that give competitive edge in business, forex trading, governance, tax and accounting, financial and risk analysis, science and intellectual property markets.

Phil Weisberg, Global Head of Thomson Reuters Foreign Exchange, speaking to business editors in Lagos on Tuesday said, “Nigeria has become Africa’s undisputed financial powerhouse and is attracting massive global interest making the country one of the most important markets for Thomson Reuters in its strategic bid to enable Africa.

Weisberg noted: “Nigeria is a key frontier market in Africa with a huge potential for growth and technological platforms can aid the market to leap ahead and grow rapidly by creating and sustaining a transparent and robust system, guide regulators, increase efficiency and liquidity and generate electronic multilateral conversations among key financial players; Thomson Reuters is in the market to enable this and the African success story.”

“We are going to grow with the Nigerian market, enable Nigeria become attractive business destination, and support the national vision by providing the necessary technology platform and support. 

 “Our TRFXT platform gives customers access to specialist data and the right suite of tools to manage trading risk, identify new opportunities and differentiate forex trading strategies. Our intelligent information is a unique synthesis of human intelligence, industry expertise and innovative technology that equips decision-makers with the knowledge to act and enable them make better decisions faster, said Weisberg.”

“Thomson Reuters is committed to Nigeria and Africa and will continue to grow capabilities to support the continent in enhancing workflows, connecting communities, driving more informed decision making through intelligent data and report, and increasing transparency, intelligence and competitiveness. 

“Our strategy is to seek partnerships and collaborations as the industry grow towards creating sustainable business in Africa. We are passionate about growing local economies and creating business hubs in Nigeria and other key countries. We will develop global platforms to meet the local needs.

“We operate in a broad perspective with vast experience and global customer trust. For instance, we are collaborating Rivers State on digitalizing land records. This will promote commercial developments, market confidence and boost government revenue.

“We develop local talent for strong customer support, doubling our human resource capacity recently; we invest in infrastructure and structures. We help develop the market process, and attract investors and investments; we bring our experience to bear in governance controls; we offer trainings, solutions and stimulate best practices.