BrandArena: First Bank Holdings Launches New Corporate Identity

Wednesday 5 February 2014

First Bank Holdings Launches New Corporate Identity

Nigeria's foremost financial services group, the FBN Holdings, parent company of First Bank of Nigeria unveiled a new corporate identity - with a promise to continue to set a gold standard of value and excellence in financial solutions across sub Saharan Africa.

The new identity has the picture of head of a big and mature elephant that looks serious in motion and ready to achieve unlike the former logo that has full body of a lazy walking elephant.

According to the company, "the raised head of the elephant in our refreshed identity is our promise to all customers that with us in their corner, every financial challenge they face, they can face with their head held high. The deep blue colour represents momentum, innovation and evolution. These principles ensure that we continue to develop solutions that are at the heart of all their challenges. The raised foot of the elephant is a promise that we will always put our best foot forward for each and every one of our customers. Finally, the adoption of complementary colours platinum and gold in our logo, precious metals identified with value, serves as a reminder of the inherent value and durability of our brand".

Speaking at the unveiling, Bello Maccido, CEO, FBN Holdings, said the refreshed FBN Group’s identity is an important milestone and the culmination of much hard work.

“We are committed to building a financial institution that consistently supports growth and that celebrates and showcases the unique characteristics of the diverse nations on our continent. We believe that our continued success will be built on the principle that we will add value nationally, regionally and at continental level. Our customers have always come first and each and every change that we implement as a group is designed to ensure that continues.”

Also, Folake Ani-Mumuney, the group's head of marketing and corporate communications, explained "the new corporate identity has been designed to ensure that the FBN Group continues to be at the forefront of the African financial services industry. The Group is on a definitive mission to build a strong global presence in order to reinforce that leadership position whilst constantly striving to find better ways to service customers and drive growth".


  1. First Bank have been able to convince us that they are not just a financial institution that have been consistent but that they have a huge brand equity in Nigeria and beyond.

  2. The new logo speaks volume of the companies all round brand power. I prefer it than the former

  3. Lovely logo. Attractive and speak boldly of an elephanting bank. Lol