BrandArena: Zuriel Oduwole Becomes Ethiopian Airlines Global Youth Ambassador

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Zuriel Oduwole Becomes Ethiopian Airlines Global Youth Ambassador

Zuriel Oduwole
An incredible streak is now slowly being left behind by the amazingly gifted Nigerian Girl child, Zuriel Oduwole as she becomes Ethiopian Airlines global youth ambassador.

In recognition of her many firsts, including being the first 10 year old to interview 8 sitting heads of State, the first and only 10 year old to interview  the richest Black Person in the World (Aliko Dangote), the first 10 year old to be accredited to a World press conference (competing with seasoned CNN, Reuters and CNBC Correspondents), the first 10 year old to interview sports personalities Venus & Serena Williams.

The first 10 year old to be compared to both Larry King & Oprah Winfrey because of her interviewing prowess, the first 10 year old featured in Forbes magazine, and the first African child appointed an honorary Ambassador by a foreign Government, Ethiopian Airlines has now formally appointed her as its Global Ambassador, even though she is not Ethiopian.

In a simple event in the United States, Ethiopian Airlines Regional Director for the Americas Kagnew Asfaw, who proudly signed the MOU on behalf of the global African Airline, highlighted her astonishing achievements. As part of the agreement, the airline would be Zuriel’s official carrier to her many engagements and projects across 3 continents, including Africa, and South America, where she is continuously meeting with world leaders and making the case for the Girl Child education.


  1. Wow! This is the second article I would be reading about this wonder kid on this blog. This is indeed an inspiration to other kids. Congrats Oduwole. Bigger you I pray!

  2. Congratulations! I'm sure strategic advert and PR activation this amazing kid will be huge benefit for Ethiopia Airline

  3. This is so funny... Not even a Nigeria corporate organization can have this young intelligent kid as a brand ambassador #smh