BrandArena: BBC Presents Hausa Mobile Website at NigeriaCom

Friday, 20 September 2013

BBC Presents Hausa Mobile Website at NigeriaCom

BBC Hausa Editor, Mansur Liman on September 18th  presented the website which now available in "Responsive Design" at NigeriaCom conference in Lagos.

“The BBC Hausa mobile site was launched in Responsive Design in January 2013 when it was among the very first non-English-language African sites in Responsive Design,” the BBC stated.
With the launch of a “responsive” BBC Hausa mobile website all users coming to the site are automatically routed to the mobile optimised version, thus getting the best possible user experience their device can deliver.

According to BBC, over 95% of users come to the site via mobile phones – hundreds of different models in any given week. While previously they would all have had the same experience which did not reflect the advantages of their particular type of mobile phone, now, with the introduction of the Responsive Design technology, they get the best possible experience that their phone can manage.

BBC World Service uses multiple platforms to reach its weekly audience of 192 million globally, including shortwave, AM, FM, digital satellite and cable channels. Its news sites include audio and video content and offer opportunities to join the global debate.

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  1. Nice one. This is good for our culture. At least we wouldn't loss all we have got to westernization