BrandArena: Visa to sponsor BT Africa West Africa Expo and Conference in Nigeria

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Visa to sponsor BT Africa West Africa Expo and Conference in Nigeria

Visa, global electronic payments company, has announced its partnership with Future Group and its Nigeria-based partners Tradeblazers Limited, to sponsor the BT Africa West Africa Expo and Conference in Nigeria. In its third year, and in association with Future Group’s Business Traveller Africa magazine, the conference will be held at the Federal Palace Hotel & Casino in Lagos from 20-21 March 2013.

Through this partnership Visa aims to consolidate its position in the travel industry throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ade Ashaye, Country Manager for Visa in West Africa, said: “Visa plays an active role in travel and tourism and its research in the tourism industry provides key insights into the trends. We believe that continued engagement in the industry is important and are therefore delighted to partner with one of Africa’s premier business travel publications to host this event. The Expo and Conference brings together the industry heavyweights with the sole aim of unlocking Africa’s trade and tourism potential.”

Visa has an office in Lagos, which has been instrumental in reshaping the payment landscape in West Africa with the introduction of several products, including the Visa Corporate card, for enabling secure and convenient cashless transactions within the region.

Expected attendees, delegates and panelists include representatives of airlines, air charter companies, hotels and hotel groups, financial institutions, travel management companies and car rental brands.

“This corporate travel indaba serves as a great opportunity for all those with a vested interest in West African business travel to come together under one roof,” said Dylan Rogers, Editor of Business Traveller Africa magazine.

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