BrandArena: Philips demonstrates strong focus on improving maternal and child care in Nigeria

Friday 22 June 2012

Philips demonstrates strong focus on improving maternal and child care in Nigeria

Royal Philips Electronics has emphasized the need of improving maternal and child care in Nigeria during the Lagos stopover of its third consecutive Cairo to Cape Town road show 2012. Addressing stakeholders at a strategic roundtable on Mother and Child care, Philips highlighted its history in Nigeria; and its dedication to improving the value proposition it brings to Mother and Child care in the country through the introduction of relevant solutions, partnerships and clinical training workshops for doctors, clinicians and healthcare workers.

Philips announced that it was appointing a dedicated business development manager to be based in Nigeria to handle, support and drive ongoing collaborations with the local healthcare authorities; this will be in addition to the support of local partner PPC Ltd.

Contributing to speed up Millennium Development Goals pace in Nigeria

Philips remains committed towards the Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5. Currently, the pace towards achieving these goals in Nigeria remains slow; Nigeria is the second largest contributor to the under–five and maternal mortality rate worldwide . As one of the fastest growing markets in the African continent there is a rising demand for better quality healthcare that is advanced yet affordable.

Sustainable solutions needed to decrease maternal mortality ratio

Philips has been dedicated to mother and child care for over 40 years. Sustainable and meaningful solutions are needed to tackle the alarming maternal mortality ratio of 630 per 100,000 live births . Therefore Philips not only provides equipment but also provides training workshops for local care providers to create well-trained and skilled healthcare professionals. Experience shows that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Support can only attribute to improvement if it is based on local needs. Through ongoing dialogue with relevant stakeholders, Philips aims to get a better understanding of each country’s unique requirements.

In Lagos, Philips is hosting a tailor-made clinical training workshop on maternal and prenatal care for healthcare professionals, at LUTH (Lagos University Teaching hospital) one of the largest public hospitals in the country. Over two days, Nigerian healthcare workers will be trained on how to accomplish safe childbirths and improve maternal and infant care. The clinical trainings are an essential part of reducing pregnancy-related mortality rates.

Dr Olumuyiwa Ore, Chief Medical Director, Citizens Hospital states “Maternal health has become an important public priority in Nigeria, which makes the training of future healthcare professionals an essential part of reducing pregnancy-related mortality rates. We appreciate the investment in people, technology and resources that Philips is bringing to Nigeria and its healthcare industry. With Philips’ commitment to clinical training they have proven to be a valuable partner. They understand that it is not enough to simply supply and install equipment; we believe that an ongoing collaboration with Philips will enhance opportunities and improve the quality of care we offer”.

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