BrandArena: MAN and PRCAN in Strategic Alliance

Thursday 8 March 2012

MAN and PRCAN in Strategic Alliance

The Manufacturer Associations of Nigeria (MAN) and the Public Relations Consultants Associations of Nigeria (PRCAN) are forming a strategic knowledge alliance to improve the human resource capabilities of their members.

PRCAN the umbrella body of Public Relations consultants has offered to support MAN in upgrading the skills of its members in the areas of public relations and corporate communications.

Speaking at a recent business visit to MAN headquarters, the PRCAN President, Dr. Phil Osagie and the Secretary General, Mr. John Ehiguese, noted “that no institution or even a nation can rise above its intellectual base. Given the new knowledge economy we are now dealing with, the need for capacity development is a key success factor in a nation’s transformation process”.

The new Director General of MAN, Mr. Yinka Akande also noted that the empires of the future are the empires of the mind. MAN is therefore determined to raise the intellectual profile and deepen the skill of its members so they can be global players. We must realise that we are now competing against the best from the rest of the world.

Mr. Yinka Akande expressed his concern at the relatively low contribution of the Manufacturing sector to Nation overall employment and National GDP. Unless the situation is reversed, Nigeria will not attain the top 20 most developed economy status, that has been much trumpeted.

PRCAN outlined three areas of strategic partnership with MAN. In addition to the capacity development, the other two areas are policy formulation in agenda setting and corporate relationships management.

In the implementation of the plan, PRCAN is to draw up a training program in PR and corporate communication tailored to the need of the MAN members. PRCAN aims at raising the level of professionalism, in the practice of Public relations in Nigeria at all level.

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