BrandArena: FAN Milk Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Wednesday 14 December 2011

FAN Milk Celebrates 50th Anniversary

FAN Milk Plc, producers of choicest dairy products celebrated its 50th anniversary. In line with the celebration, the vision and mission of the company was up held as stakeholders were hosted to a dinner to mark the anniversary. The company was founded in 1960 by a Danish Merchant and Industrialist Erik Embong with a recombination-plant at Ibadan, a distribution centre in Lagos.

In the 1970s Fan Milk introduced yoghurt drink, ice lollies, ice cream and new Tetra Pak packaging technology. The new products became very popular in the market and generated the financial strength to set up further depots and, in 1981, a second recombination-plant in Kano came up. The expansion and rehabilitation programme returned Fan Milk Plc to profitability. Fan Milk has sister companies in Ghana, Senegal, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso and Code d'Ivoire. The headquarters of the foreign partner, Fan Milk International is situated in Aalborg, Denmark.

Speaking at the dinner, the Managing Director, Fan Milk Plc, Mr. Steen Hadsbjerg, spoke on the trends of things in the last 50years as it affects the company. “There have been ups and downs for us like every organization; some of these challenges include poor power supply, bad road, high cost of raw material, lack of raw material etc. However the focus for the next 50years will be to ensure we have sufficient supply chain throughout the country through upgrading distribution centers in Nigeria. Also we are working closely with farmers to ensure our local raw material increases from 40%. He said.

He spoke further on the issue of waste water management in FAN Milk Plc. “our waste water treatment has been going through processes of recycle where it well treated. We avoid disposing our waste that is why we take waste water treatment plan seriously”

FAN Milk Plc is also toeing the line of organizations that are supporting the going green which support the “save energy gas” initiative. The company is working at reducing the use of bi-fuel, in the years ahead. Instead, it will work on using solar panels in our buildings to generate power as against using power. They are embarking on new ice cream kiosk that will be powered by panels that will be used across the country to reach consumers.

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