BrandArena: Where is La Casera Spanish Pear, Classic Cocktail?

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Where is La Casera Spanish Pear, Classic Cocktail?

Classic Beverages Nigeria Limited (CBNL), makers of La Casera – one of the leading carbonated soft drinks in Nigeria, last year extended its brand with the launch of two flavours, Classic Cocktail and Spanish Pear into the nation’s non-alcoholic beverages market but the brands could not be found lately in the market.

The company recently marked its 10 years anniversary of doing business in Nigeria. It gained a large market share with its Apple flavour and leveraged on its equity to introduce the new entrants, stating that it is one of the ways beverage company has chosen to reciprocate the tremendous support it have been getting from the consumers since making its debut giving customers value for their money and providing them with a wider range of products to choose from.

Classic flavour which reminded consumers of the popular Nigerian cocktail Chapman and Spanish Pear, that was also presented as a real fruit based flavour that can only come from La Casera. when it was introduced it was all over the market shelve, but lately it seemed to have really lost weight.

While some consumers asserted they could not recall the last time they saw the two flavours in the market. Wale Famuyiwa, a Trader at Agege market said: "Its quite a while I saw the La Casera Classic Cocktail and Spanish Pear, I think the Apple flavour still remain the most visible of La Casera products. Maybe they do not produce the other flavours anymore."

Ugochukwu Vincent, a Businessman believes the there is still need for more awareness about the two flavours if they still really enjoy any market sales. "In a recent newspaper advert that I saw, it was only the Apple flavour that was on the publication so I wonder if the Classic Cocktail and Spanish Pear still exist, if they do; then there is still need for more awareness about them. Most times when I’m travelling to the East for my businesses, I most time see the Apple flavours among other brands on the Hawkers.", he said.

Some market observers suggested that the increase in the PET Bottle non-alcoholic beverages products by some other corporate brands like Nigerian Bottling Company’s Sprite, Fanta, Coca Cola, Nigerian Breweries' Fayrouz and Glasco SmithKline's Ribena and Lucozade Boost into the market shelve lately have also contributed to the fading appearance of the La Casera Classic Cocktail and Spanish Pear.

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