BrandArena: Unilever Promote Healthy Living With New Pepsodent

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Unilever Promote Healthy Living With New Pepsodent

Foremost FMCG Company in the country, Unilever Nigeria Plc has reiterated its commitment to protect over 160 million Nigerian smiles with Pepsodent cavity fighter toothpaste.

Having introduced a new Pepsodent anti-cavity toothpaste, the Company's Oral Care which has over 40 years vast experience in producing toothpaste that provides anti-cavity systems and technology have once again brought in the Popsodent to help improve the oral health of the people.

According to Managing Director of Unilever Nigeria, Thabo Mabe, Pepsodent Anti-Cavity Fighter fluoride toothpaste offers over 50 per cent more calcium in a form (active micro-calcium) that easily fills the tiny, weak, invisible holes, reduces the effects of acids produced by bacteria on teeth, repairs signs of tooth decay, prevents teeth sensitivity and prevents the forming of cavities.

Stating that the introduction of the brand into the market was an attempt to meet consumers’ need for stronger cavity free teeth.

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