Wednesday, 9 May 2018

International Coach Federation Nigeria Chapter Marks International Coaching Week

…Coaching is a Way of Life

There are many people you meet on your entrepreneurial journey, these people who can be referred to as coaches can come with formal or informal training but take an interest in them and what they were doing; leaving an impact that lasts the life span of the business. This is the position of the Nigerian Chapter of the International Coach Federation.
L - R: Chief Executive Officer – Jumia Nigeria; Juliet Anammah, President International Coach Federation - Nigeria Chapter; Mrs. Titi Akisanya, Director - Enterprise Development Center; Mr. Peter Bamkole, Chairperson, International Coaching Week; Mrs. Adeyanju Olomola and Mrs. Funmi Victor – Okigbo  Chief Executive Officer - No Surprises Events Architects at the  Breakfast Panel Discussion during the commemoration of the 2018 International Coaching Week held in Lagos on the 8th of May 2018.

According to Mrs. Titi Akisanya, the President of the Nigerian Chapter of the International Coach Federation at the Breakfast Panel Discussion held in commemoration of the 2018 International Coaching Week, “coaching is a foundational skill for every person looking to develop others, whether direct reports, peers or your own children. Although coach-specific training is wonderful to have, you can actually make an impact without it by using three simple words: “Tell me more.”

Welcoming the guests to the session Chairperson of the ICW, Mrs. Adeyanju Olomola emphasized that at its core, coaching is not about a coach giving advice, telling people how to go about their lives or how to teach people do specific tasks. “That would be consulting.” Coaching is really about listening and creating an awareness in someone that enables them to find new possibilities for action that include thinking, being and doing.

Speacking at the event was Juliet Anamah, CEO Jumia Nigeria who raised a key point about a cordial relationship being key to fostering an environment for productive coaching. According to her; “it is this aura of respect and trust that can yield in results for both parties to the relationship.” Also according to her, the coach making the coachee aware of their innate ability to resolve the situation is proof positive of a coaching relationship.

Also speaking at the event, Mr. Peter Bamkole of the Enterprise Development Center reminded participants that “none of the above works if you are not listening in an authentic, genuine and curious way. Listening takes focus, uninterrupted by the voice in the back of your head. If both parties are truly listening and seeking to understand, without a feeling of being compelled to respond as soon as someone stops talking, those few moments of silence are often when the real discovery and deep thinking happen.”

The International Coaching Week continues with a Pro-Bono Coaching Café at the My Coffee, Wings Plaza on Thursday the 10th May and a Members Evening on Friday the 11th May at the Anchor Place Ikoyi, Lagos. These are set up as opportunities for all Coaches and potential Coaches to share and experience best coaching practices and provide support to interested entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Also, in attendance at the Panel Discussion were Chief Executive Officer – Jumia Nigeria; Juliet Anammah and Mrs. Funmi Victor – Okigbo, Chief Executive Officer - No Surprises Events Architects as well as a cross section of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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