Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Twitter Launches ‘Threads’ Feature That Enables Users To Link Multiple Tweets

Twitter has announced plan to launch a new feature that may allow people to additional easily submit tweetstorms – that is, these assortment of associated tweets which have grown to turn into a widespread workaround for getting earlier Twitter’s character rely limitation in an effort to share longer concepts.

The agency confirmed last month it was testing the feature – which it’s now calling “threads” – all through its iOS and Android apps.

There are now hundreds of thousands of threads tweeted out every day, notes Twitter. Sometimes something is really interesting but you lose the flow because the thread broke with a wrong reply or a deleted tweet or anything.

Threads are becoming a common feature for the way we use Twitter as they give us a lengthy canvas to express our views, keeps everything together and makes Tweets easier to find.

Twitter announced Tuesday that it will add official support for Twitter threads, something users have been doing on their own for some time.

By adding a plus button to the area where a tweet is composed, users will be able to connect a stream of tweets and publish them all at the same time.

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