Wednesday, 9 November 2016

What Donald Trump as America's 45th President means for Africa

"We will double our growth and have the strongest economy anywhere in the world. At the same time we will get along with all other nations, willing to get along with us", said Donald Trump while delivering his fast speech to supporters and fans at the Hilton Midtown hotel after being elected as the President of the US.

Donald Trump campaigned to “make America great again,” but now that he has become President-elect, he’d have to focus on the world, not just the United States.
America's new President: Donald Trump. Credit: Reuters
With congratulations pouring for the billionaire populist, Nigerians like every other Africans are quite worried about Trump's policies.


Many countries are facing complex challenges relating to immigration and refugees. What Africa and the world urgently need is compassionate but decisive leadership that is able to manage the mass humanitarian problem with financial and cultural sensitivity.  Trump’s campaign of fear focusd on the 11.5 million unauthorized immigrants currently residing in the United States. Trump has characterized them as rapists, drug dealers and murderers. His attacks have been directed towards the Mexicans, with Trump advocating building a wall along the border and making the Mexicans pay for it. 

He has also called for making Americans being prioritised for open jobs and restricting skilled visas to make more jobs available to Americans. That would be bad news for many Africans seeking greener pasture in the US as visa could become quite tough to get.

On birthright citizenship, Trump’s proposal of the 14th Amendment: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States. Trump’s argument rests on the words “subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” He thinks that clause excludes children of foreign nationals from birthright citizenship.

Tax Rate Reduction
One of the highlights of Trump’s economic campaign is his plan to reduce corporate tax rates in the U.S to 15%. At present the rate stands at 35%. This would make the U.S one of the most attractive destinations in the world for businesses, especially for American businesses that have set shop in other countries to improve their profitability by paying less taxes. If Trump were to implement this plan, U.S businesses in US could be lured back to American soil. The rising economies of Africa such as Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Ethopia seeking investors from the US might be affected  – for the worse.

Religious Disparity
In December, Trump called for: "… a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our county’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on." These statements suggest that, as president, Trump might like to see the US become more insular, to impose walls along its borders and to judge migrants on the basis of their religious beliefs.

So, let the world hope for the best but prepare for the worst as Donald Trump lead the most powerful nation in the world.

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