Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Life Lessons Are Learnt Weekly On Sunlight Laraba’s World Tv Drama Series

Life lessons keep pouring in from the drama-filled scenarios on Sunlight’s highly entertaining Hausa-language TV series, Laraba’s World. The drama series which started airing on TV screens across northern Nigeria from September 15, 2016 and also on Arewa 24 TV on DSTV (channel 261) and GOTV (channel 101), Sundays 7-7.30pm, show cases the daily lives of northern women in an engaging, educating and entertaining way.

The Hausa language (with English subtitles) soap opera, revolves around the lead character, Laraba (a school teacher) who is wise, resourceful and versatile; a real “Sunlight woman”.
In her community, Laraba always finds a way to help resolve the crisis in their lives and homes in a very intelligent and entertaining way. In episode two, she used her wisdom to help Hadiza to achieve her dreams when it was almost killed even before it started by advising her to turn the events centre into Abubakar Centre for Women, where women can meet and can also be beneficial to the community.

Laraba also helped her student, Kande out of a tight situation in episode 4 when her mother wanted her to get married at an early age and leave school. Laraba was able to convince Kande’s mother to see the wisdom of giving out a more educated daughter and Kande was able to return to school.

All these and many more to learn on Laraba’s World TV Drama series as Laraba highlights how a Sunlight woman grows her home, business and community by handling common daily issues with wisdom and resourcefulness.

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To watch the drama series on YouTube, EPISODE ONE IS ON  https://youtu.be/GZ5-R8b3rpI , EPISODE TWO ON  https://youtu.be/1JJVGB-mAdA , and  EPISODE THREE ON  https://youtu.be/iTZbYLI3fT0 and EPISODE FOUR ON  https://youtu.be/6YpaIZeImWI
The drama continues on Laraba’s World on the following selected TV stations in Northern Nigeria.

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See below pictures of the activities done in Next Cash and Carry Mall last weekend.

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