Monday, 10 October 2016

How to keep your battery going while on the move

It’s always annoying to run out of battery power when you’re not near a charger and a power point. Here are a few tips from ALCATEL ONETOUCH about how you can make these smart moves to help your battery last a little longer so that it doesn’t go flat just when you need it.

Lower the brightness of your screen

Lower your screen brightness to 50% or less from your phone settings to get a bit more juice out of your smartphone each day.
Adjust screen timeout

When you use your device, the screen light will usually stay on for some time. Adjust your screen timeout settings in order to make sure your screen timeout kicks in within 15 seconds or less. This will help keep your battery alive for longer.

Turn on battery saving mode

Battery saving mode reduces the smartphone’s performance, limits vibration, and switches off most background data updates. If your smartphone has this feature, you can configure it to kick in when your device reaches a certain percentage. This will help you make the most of your last bit of battery life.

Turn off Bluetooth and NFC connections

Ensure your Bluetooth, GPS and NFC connections are turned off, except when you need to use them.

For AMOLED displays, use a darker wallpaper

There are two types of smartphone displays - LCD and AMOLED. LCD screens use a backlighting system that lights up every pixel on the display, whereas each pixel on an AMOLED display is individually illuminated. If your Android phone uses an AMOLED display, a darker or all-black wallpaper will make your phone more power-efficient because it lights up fewer pixels.

Invest in a Power Bank

If you make heavy use of your smartphone each day, and don’t always have access to a power point, a Power Bank could be a worthwhile investment. It’s lightweight, compact, and connects to your phone via micro USB port. Ideal for travel and long days.       

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