Monday, 17 October 2016

Addo Project Steps Up Advocacy for Widows with New Book

In its bid to create awareness on the plight of widows in Nigeria, a non-profit organization, Addo Project has unveiled a book titled ‘Through the Fire’. The book which focuses on the challenges widows in our society face and how they can navigate to overcome those challenges was launched recently at the Institute of Directors, Lagos.

The event which was  a gathering of concerned Nigerians also attracted eminent Nigerians with passion for vulnerable groups that have suffer huge losses and are going through challenging situations in the family front.
(L-R) Former, Secretary to State Government and Head of Service Lagos State, Professor Aba Omotunde Sagoe, Coordinator Addo Project, Sandra Oyewole,Senior Special Assistant to Kebbi State Governor on New Media, Aisha Augie-Kuta and a Legal Practitioner, Jackson Etti and Edu Law firm Norma Jackson -Steele at the unveiling of Through the fire book by Addo Project in Lagos.
Speaking at the unveiling, Coordinator of the project, Mrs. Sandra Oyewole, disclosed that seed of Addo project was sown in 2010, following a personal experience when a friend passed away and his widow needed support.. It was at that period that Sandra, the widow and three other friends agreed to write an inspirational book for widows.  According to Oyewole, the purpose of the book was to inspire widows, alert the general public on the challenges faced by widows and ultimately make a difference in the society in general.

The team agreed that it would focus on inspirational books to tackle various societal issues the first of which was the widows’ project. The team settled on the name ‘Addo’ which in Latin means ‘to inspire’ and added the word ‘project’ which would convey the mission – ‘Inspirational Projects’.

Mrs. Oyewole added that, Through The Fire, is its first project. It tells the stories of 31 women who have lost their husband and their challenges thereafter. She also revealed that “the book addresses emotional, financial and lega limpacts from widowhood. It also offers advisory to men on how to make adequate preparation for their family prior to death”.

Oyewole concluded that, it is important for everyone to have a copy of the book because there is something to learn. Her Words: it advice on the psychological effect of such a loss, provides legal and financial information useful to everyone. The book also implores men to prepare their wills and secure theinterest of the families they leave behind in the event of death. The book provides a list of a few organizations and support groups for widows in Nigeria. It is a book for all us. The book will be available in these formats: paperback, hardback and e-book”.

Dr. Pamela Ajayi, a member of the project also spoke about the goal of her group; “we are out to provide support for those who mourn and offer needed voice for the right and privileges of widows who are denied of their rights after their husband passing”.

Part of the money raised will be shared among widow support organizations and churches and other bodies at the fore front of providing and protecting rights of widows in Nigeria.

The Addo Project has been established as a legal entity, separate and distinct from the project members and formally registered to provide the requisite services.

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