Thursday, 29 December 2011

Heineken Magnum In Demand For Season Celebrations

Barely a month after it was launched into the Nigerian market at an explosive event tagged “Hat Trick,” Heineken Magnum, the only beer that pops, has continued to be in high demand this yuletide season among beer lovers. The premium beer brand is fast becoming the symbol of celebration and optimum enjoyment because of its champagne features.

Heineken Magnum is an impressive 1.5 liter bottle filled with the international premium Heineken lager beer, designed for sharing, and with a cork, ready to pop to any premium occasion. The new product is part of a brand proposition process designed to ensure Heineken keeps surprising and remains connected to the cosmopolitan and classy Nigerian consumers.

The premium Heineken Magnum, permits for the first time in Nigeria, the sharing of beer and has also redefined beer consumption with its highly attractive packaging which can be easily spotted at social events and other engagement points around major cities across the country.

Already, the excellent product packaging of Heineken Magnum is an instant hit and has been eliciting excitement from consumers. Seun Ajayi, a Lagos-based event executive, said that the packaging of the beer “is way out of this clime and the taste is still the same which is a great plus for NB.”

Also, Jide Sobajo, a banker, applauded the trendy champagne-like packaging as unique. Ayoade Adegbite, an Oil and Gas executive says the Heineken Magnum is a nice and classy innovation that caught his attention instantly. “I believe without doubt that this will be an instant hit with upwardly mobile Nigerians, even those who are aspirational and have not ‘gotten there yet’ can still make do with Magnum.”

Ayo Adeyinka, a banker also applauded the Magnum as “very innovative and challenging to other Lager beer brands. I hope they will not run other beers out of the market?” Akinwande Yemi, a Wine Dealer equally applauded the bottle as “a great concept, this is the first beer ever coming up with a champagne feel. I love it.”

Distributors have also joined in savoring the thrills and pomp generated by this remarkable development. For Mr. Stephen Alado, a Kaduna-based distributor who has been distributing beer and other products for 49 years, “the innovation of Heineken Magnum is certainly going to expand and generate sales for us.”

Only recently, Jacqueline van Faassen, Senior Brand Manager, Heineken, pointed out that Heineken Magnum contains the same high quality premium Heineken lager beer and should be served in ice in a Heineken ice bucket and with the Heineken “super prestige” glasses to give that super premium impression and for the ‘Perfect Serve’.

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