Thursday, 25 August 2011

Cadbury Launches New Bournvita Campaign on Facebook and Google

One of the leading beverage company in Nigeria, Cadbury has just launched a new campaign on Facebook and Google for the new look Bournvita. Guess what they called it? The New Bourn Identity.

The campaign slogan which is a play on the American block-buster movie
The Bourne Identity
shows the popular chocolate drink reshaped and reborn in an exciting, elegant and reliable handy jar.

The Facebook application of the campaign ad is one of the best animated designs we’ve seen so far. It displays the Bournvita jar on the spotlight with camera flickers coming from the skycrappers on the Lagos Island.

In April 2011, Kraft Foods SA, the parent company of Cadbury Nigeria invested N8 billion in a new Bournvita manufacturing facility in Lagos.

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  1. レイバン アビエイターのモデルで、一番今人気が高いのはどれ?今まで一番良く言われるのが、クラシックメタルで人気のレイバン RB3025だったが、今でもそうなの?それでも、他のレイバン モデルに座を奪われたの?