Thursday, 15 September 2016

MTN's #SwapYourKpalasa Phone Campaign Stir Controversy

Telecom giant, MTN recently launched #SwapYourKpalasa campaign in Nigeria with the promise to give out 100% data bonus to every customer that activate MTN data plan on any new smart phone.

The new offer dubbed “MTN Kpalasa Data Bonus Offer” enable subscribers to qualify for a double worth of any MTN data plan purchased whenever you they buy a new smartphone from any store in Nigeria. For instance, when a subscriber buy a 3.5GB data plan which cost N2,000, he/she will get 7GB data instead.

The campaign which has since entice some lower range mobile phone users to go for a smartphone as also been described by many as a demarketing approach for other segment of the telecom market.

Ay Ishola, a MTN user in a Facebook post expressed his opinion on the campaign, says the "MTN's drop your 'kpalasa' phone advertisement' is a blatant insult on a segment of their subscribers".

"In their attempt to advertise free data. The advert shows that anybody not using smartphone is inferior. Their jingo continuously insult subscribers without smartphones. MTN has forgotten that in *Stakeholder mapping*. There are those who are highly interested but have low power (influence). they are referred to as *The supporter*. These people may not even have money to buy your product/ service but their high interest if well harnessed through a well thought and structured PR Communication can turn them into your advocates(promoters) and even marketers", part of his post read.

He stated that "MTN has forgotten that fingers are not equal. And definitely their will always be laggard to any innovation or change".

Another subscriber, Helen Adeola, the telecom company "ought to have provided lower data offer for all internet-accessible phones as a means of helping people connect more during this recession as the cost of quality smartphone continue to raise due to exchange rate".

"MTN are just trying to reward their customers through the "Kpalasa Data Bonus Offer" and I see nothing wrong in this. Smartphones can be used for manythings aside from accessing the internet and I believe the company want its customers to also step up on smartphones that is all", said Musa Audu, a trader in Ikeja.

What's your stance on this offer by MTN?

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