Monday, 30 September 2013

GE Africa, ALA to invest $5 million in developing Africa’s future leaders

GE Africa in partnership with the African Leadership Academy (ALA) has announced a $5 million partnership which aims at identifying, developing and connecting the next generation of African leaders. This is part of its multi-sectoral local content development initiative for Africa.

“We are excited about this unique partnership with ALA.  ALA’s mission is very much aligned with GE Africa’s commitment to developing leaders not just in Africa for Africa, but for GE (worldwide) and Africa. This initial investment is just the beginning. We will pilot this initiative first in Angola and plan to expand throughout Sub-Saharan Africa,” said Tamla Oates-Forney, Senior Executive –Human Resources.

In a statement by the President and CEO for GE Africa, Jae Ireland, he reiterated GE’s commitment to develop human capacity in the continent in order that resources on the continent can be better harnessed by Africans. “This is an investment in a future generation of African leaders and in skills development for this continent,” he said.

Continuing, the President stated, “These are bright young people who will have the opportunity to acquire the skills and academic qualifications to pursue long-term careers at General Electric.”

Frank Aswani, ALA Vice President and Director of Strategic Relations welcomed the partnership with GE saying “We thank GE for their commitment to Africa’s prosperity and for investing in Africa’s biggest asset; its youth. This will enable us to expand our operations, select and admit additional students, and support their lifelong growth and development. In so doing, we shall be fulfilling our mission of transforming Africa by identifying, developing and connecting the next generation of African leaders.”

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