Thursday, 21 June 2018

Moroni becomes the new destination of Turkish Airlines in Africa

Turkish Airlines, flying to the most countries in the world, has added Moroni, the biggest city and the capital of Comoros Union, to its network.  Moroni flights will be operated three times per week and it will be in connection with Seychelles flights.

Comoros Union consists of three big islands namely; The Big Comoros, Anjuan and Moholi . Following the addition of Moroni , Turkish Airlines now reaches 122 countries with 304  destinations worldwide ; 53 of which are in Africa.

The agricultural sector is the biggest contributor to the country’s economy. Comoros has a tropical climate and was nick named ‘moon island’ by arabic mariners and ‘perfume island’ by European countries because of the various scented plants such as  honeysuckle,orchid and gardenia cultivated in the area.

Moroni flight times will be scheduled from June 19, 2018 and can be viewed on Also, introductory round trip fares are available from Istanbul to Moroni starting at 973 US Dollars (including taxes and fees). 

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