Monday, 29 January 2018

Unboxing Canon PIXMA G3400 Inkjet All-in-One Printer

Canon recently announced the launch of its new PIXMA G-Series printers called G3400 and BrandArena was able to have a hand-on experience of the powerful device.

Following the introduction of the G1200, G2200, G3200, and G4200, the company have decided to further its innovation with G3400.

No Limits To Your Prints - Wi-Fi & Direct  
One of the major features on the PIXMA G3400 is the built in Wi-Fi which makes it a great choice for printing personal albums, events, office documents, family images, and so on. PIXMA G3400 comes with page yields of 7000 colour web pages and 6000 black web pages – meaning you can enjoy quality printing for lesser cost. Who doesn’t want that?

Canon PRINT app/ Wi-Fi printing
Printing gets easier with PIXMA G3400. It doesn’t require any major skill to operate the printer. Also, you can print direct or through your smart devices via Wi-Fi. Through ‘Canon PRINT app’. So you don’t have to install new software to get your printing started.

Cloud Service Enabled 
As we move into the world of IoT, Cloud services have become the new normal. Realising the paradigm shift, Canon ensured PIXMA Cloud service on the print enables access to online services such as Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox and OneDrive. You can also print directly from social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Pigment Black Ink & Dye Colour Inks
The print engine drives two print-heads. One for the pigment black and one for the 3 CMY dye inks. Quality of printed document on G3400 is exceptional. The pigment black ink and colour dyes in the printer gives sharp, clear and colourful images.

In Bottles and Tank 
For those of us tired of buying cartridge often, G3400 was made to put an end to the rigor experienced before now. Like all other G Series, G3400 has its ink tanks integrated into the printer body to enable a compact design. Four ink tanks are built into the printer, the black tank to the left of the output tray and three tanks for color inks (yellow, cyan, and magenta) to the right. Each tank is sealed with a rubber cap. To fill a tank, you remove the stopper, open the ink bottle for the tank in question, and insert the bottle's nozzle into the hole on top of the tank.

Printing Duration
In terms of printing speed, one 10x15 colour print is out in 45 sec and an A4 (21x29,7) print in 90 sec. Not fast but not slow either.

Canon PIXMA G3400 Specifications:
Borderless Printing
Print tall quantity files and  photos
Pigment black and dye color inks
High resolution picture printing
Easy to top off ink storage tanks
Micro ink droplets for unique printing
Print out of wi-fi devices

More pictures below:

Carton of Canon PIXMA G3400


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