Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Macron Takes Over as New Kit Supplier of Italian Rugby Federation

Italian sportswear firm Macron has been appointed as the new kit partner of the Italian Rugby Federation (FIR). Macron replaces German sportswear, Adidas.

In the eight-year partnership deal announced on Monday, Macron will be providing kit and technical equipment for the Italian national teams.

Whether it be football or rugby, down the years many have admired the Italian jerseys from afar, be they made by Kappa, Adidas, Lotto, or anyone else who has had a go.

Macron chief executive Gianluca Pavanello said: “Our presence in the world of rugby is enhanced by a partnership that is not only important, but that fills us with pride with the fact that we, an Italian company, support the ultimate expression of Italian rugby, the national team.”

Pavanello added: “For years we have been present in the big rugby family. We sponsor many pro clubs. Today the agreement with the Italian Rugby Federation allows us to have two national teams in the Six Nations, which will offer a kind of spectacular ‘derby’, which we look forward to assist.”

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