Wednesday, 28 June 2017

#MWCS17: Vivo to Launch Smartphone With Under-the-screen Fingerprint Sensor

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo has apparently become the first company to perfect a fingerprint sensor under the display of a smartphone. The company is about to introduce the technology, jointly, with Qualcomm, at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai.

The smartphone market is dominated by big screen devices and now Vivo is aiming at upping the ante by launching a phone that has a fingerprint sensor embedded under the display.

According to a post last week by industry analyst Jiutang Pan on Weibo, a video showed a working prototype being unlocked through on-screen fingerprint scanner.

Samsung and Apple both have been racing to perfect a fingerprint sensor that resides beneath a smartphone's display but the upcoming iPhone 8, is widely rumored to not have that.

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  1. Is it a rumor or really will come with a phone under the screen fingerprint?