Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Linda Ikeji Finally Reveals The Meaning of LIS!

Popular Nigerian gossip blogger, Linda Ikeji, has finally revealed the meaning of LIS. It's a social networking site aptly called, “Linda Ikeji Social".

Linda Ikeji Social is basically Facebook meets Linda Ikeji Blog meets ebay.com.

"You can connect with friends on LIS, chat, get the latest breaking news, sell you eye witness stories to us and get paid. You can also buy and sell your goods and services from authentic buyers and sellers", Linda Ikeji said.
Linda Ikeji talks about Linda Ikeji Social

She stated that she had the idea six months ago while talking with some friends and she put the idea to work the very next day and here we have Linda Ikeji Social.

Apart from reading about exciting stories, you can also make money in three different ways:
  •     LIS will pay for stories. The Linda Ikeji blog does not buy stories but LIS will pay for user stories provided they meet certain criteria. It is N1000 per certified story.
  •     LIS will place advert banners on your LIS page and share the advert money with you…provided you have 50,000 or more followers on your LIS page.
  •     LIS will give away cash and other prizes every week. For instance, one week from now, LIS will be giving away 1 million Naira.

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