Monday, 22 August 2016

SA movie, Noem My Skollie makes history

The screening of the movie, Noem My Skollie, at Pollsmoor prison made history, as the first feature film in South Africa, to premiere at a maximum security prison before its national release in cinemas.

On Tuesday, 16 August, the film was screened to an audience of about 150 people, including wardens, about 20 inmates from the Arts and Culture group, some invited guests from NICRO, and Artscape - who are collaborating with Norwegian partners on a theatre project involving prisoners and parolees, called Help I am Free.

The movie was also screened on Wednesday, 17 August, excluding members of the public and media, in a bid to reach more of the inmates. 130 male and female prisoners attended this event. The following day another screening was arranged for 130 prison wardens.

John Fredericks, the writer; Daryne Joshua, the director; and David Max Brown, the producer, answered questions after the screening. Prisoners commented on the authenticity of the film and also mentioned how it inspired them with hope for their own dreams and aspirations.

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