Friday, 12 August 2016

Cummins Drives Innovation with the launch of QSK95 Series Generator Sets

In building on its legacy of technological innovations, performance improvements and reliability breakthroughs; Cummins, a global power leader, recently launched its QSK95 series Generator sets. The QSK95 range provides the most cost-effective, robust power across a broad range of applications.

These high-horsepower generator sets are engineered to deliver more power while realizing best-in-class fuel and footprint economies, fewer maintenance requirements and industry-leading time.

The QSK95 generator sets series are engineered with the highest kilowatt per square foot ratio in their class, resulting in a smaller footprint that achieves a 20 percent improvement in power density which results in less space in your facility; lowers installed costs. Also, for customers that require multiple-generator set applications, fewer generators are needed to achieve the required power output, resulting in substantial cost savings.
Speaking on the product, Kwame Gyan-Tawiah, Managing Director Cummins West Africa said that; “At Cummins, we are constantly devising ways to make our customers happy and also help them save cost. The launch of the QSK95 generator sets series designed to achieve best-in-class fuel economies, outperforming competitors across the board. Over the course of 8,000 yearly hours of operation, you can realize annual fuel savings of more than $400,000.”

“Essential operations such as shopping malls and manufacturing plants require dependable backup power in the event of utility outages to maintain continuity and prevent losses. The durable and high-performance QSK95 Series generator sets comprise the perfect power system for these types of applications” He added.

Speaking on the performance of the Generator sets, Okechi Igwebuike, General Manager - Cummins Power Generation, confirmed that “the QSK95 generator sets series is rated at up to 3.5MV and are engineered to accept 100 percent of the nameplate rated load in a single step, and are ready to take the required load in less than 10 seconds. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your facility’s power loads will be covered without compromising operations. And, you won’t have to over-design a power system with additional safeguards or install more generator sets to achieve the desired duty factor.”

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