Monday, 15 August 2016

CNN Takes Digital Advertising to the Next Level with ‘Native 2.4’

CNN is rolling out industry-leading native advertising solutions to optimise the performance of digital campaigns and enhance the experience of audiences engaging with branded content and digital advertising on CNN platforms.

According to the Director of Digital Revenue and Data at CNN International Commercial, Rob Bradley, CNN International Commercial (CNNIC) is now offering dynamic native and branded content advertising formats in prominent positions across CNN Digital platforms – a move that takes advertising on CNN Digital even further beyond the traditional ad banner.

“CNN Digital's “Native 2.4” programme focuses on several key benefits including Dynamic Formats, Smart Placement, Intelligent Data Insight and Creative Excellence. We are bringing together the full suite of new formats, prominent and seamless placement, and the power of data and creative content for clients to truly engage with CNN audiences in a native environment” Bradley disclosed.

 “The result is an engaging brand storytelling experience created for peak performance and with the flexibility of dynamic optimisation. Clearly labelled to ensure transparency, this solution created with our partners at Sharethrough also ensures that our users are served high quality and engaging native content that’s relevant to them” he added.
Also speaking on the new platform, the CEO and Co-Founder of Sharethrough, Dan Greenberg, noted that “Like us at Sharethrough, CNN believes in a future where ads are built on a foundation of respect and quality — ads that fit in. The CNN team has enthusiastically embraced this new advertising model, and are using the Sharethrough platform in a unique and sophisticated way“.

CNN’s portfolio of news and information services is available in seven different languages across all major TV, digital and mobile platforms reaching more than 425 million households around the globe.

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