Thursday, 30 June 2016

Brexit: Vodafone Joins List of Companies Considering Moving HQ outside the UK

Vodafone has disclosed that it is considering moving its current HQ out of London, dependant on the decisions made following the UK's vote to leave the European Union.

The company, which currently employs 13,000 people in the UK, emailed a statement to several media outlets saying it felt that it was important for its business to have access to the EU’s free “movement of people, capital and goods.”

“It remains unclear at this point how many of those positive attributes will remain in place once the process of the UK’s exit from the European Union has been completed. It is therefore not yet possible to draw any firm conclusions regarding the long-term location for the headquarters of the group,” the statement added.

It continued that it would take “whatever decisions are appropriate” once the outcome of the talks is confirmed.

It is understood that any relocation plans would only affect the group’s head offices in Paddington, and not its operating division in Newbury.
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