Tuesday, 10 November 2015

We Have No Plans To Pull Out Of Lagos Route - Virgin Atlantic Airways

Contrary to the earlier published story of Virgin Atlantic pulling out of Nigeria's The Nation Newspaper, the company has issued a statement clarifying the report:

Virgin Atlantic Airways has no plans to pull out of Lagos route, we are committed to continue delivering the experience our customers love whether they are flying for business or leisure

We have decided that we will no longer have crew based in Lagos. This is by no means a reflection on our locally based cabin crew, the primary purpose of our locally based cabin crew has been to provide cultural expertise, and customer feedback has shown us that this is no longer a requirement on the Lagos route. The additional complexity required to operate an international crew base where there are no foreign language requirement means it is no longer sustainable going forward.

This announcement has no impact on our flying programme and we plan to continue flights between Lagos and London. After 14 years flying the route we remain committed to servicing the Nigerian people, whether it be for business, family or leisure.

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