Tuesday, 13 December 2011

African investor, Brand SA to host roundtable on economic integration in Africa

Africa investor (Ai), an international investment research and communications group, has announced its partnership with Brand South Africa to host a high-level roundtable on 'The Business of Implementing Regional Economic Integration in Africa'. Business and government leaders working in Africa who are attending the 2012 annual meetings of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, will take part in this roundtable.

Political and business leaders globally have agreed that Africa's regional economic integration is critical if African companies and global partners are to benefit from and fuel economic growth, both at home and abroad, whilst at the same time expand their markets and take advantage of the investment opportunities available on the continent.

Africa is now universally accepted as a viable and competitive international investment destination delivering growth while other markets continue to feel the impact of the economic downturn.

Opportunities and priorities in Africa to be discussed

Ahead of the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland from 25-29 January 2012, the invitation-only roundtable will host top executives from the world's leading multinational companies to discuss business opportunities and priorities for development in Africa, and will explore areas of the continent's economy that are best poised for regional integration and consolidated planning.

CEO of Brand South Africa, Miller Matola, says that South Africa understands its pivotal role in helping establish access to leadership on the continent.

"Part of the continent's response to the current global financial challenges is finding new ways to react to old challenges. Africa can no longer be a reactive to the development of the global economy. The continent plays a critical role as a contributor to global stability and growth, to promote the importance of public-private collaboration in maximizing opportunities on the continent" says Matola.

Discussions will draw on the expertise of leading corporations invested in Africa with an interest in seeing the successful implementation of regional economic integration across Africa. There is still much for the continent to do in order to reach its full potential. Regional economic integration is the lifeblood for investment and trade in Africa and there are still major challenges at hand for African governments. This annual roundtable will provide a platform for these essential discussions.

Commenting on the roundtable, Hubert Danso, vice chairman and chief executive officer of Africa investor, said; "The calibre of business leadership confirmed for the event, building on this last year's roundtable discussion, will be an invaluable resource for African heads of state and policy makers engaging in this annual Africa investor-Brand South Africa process. Cross-border investment will steer the way forward for growing and integrating Africa's economic development and global competitiveness, and this annual roundtable will draw on the private sector's innovation and resources, essential to ensuring the continent's growth is both productive and sustained."

Source: Bizcommunity.com

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